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Agricultural products are expected to stop falling stabilizing


Last week, because of the PMI data below 50, the tenth consecutive months sparked concern, the stock market crash, dragged down by weaker Yi Cheng farming period index. As of January 8, Yi Cheng farming period index closed at 999.20 points.

Sugar from highs last week, on the one hand, market fears China needs further decline, commodities, including raw sugar in varying degrees of decline, also spread to zheng sugar. Guangxi sugar production and sales data, on the other hand, the double drop, especially pin sugar rate fell by about 22%, shows that sugar consumption growth slowed sharply, market expectations. However, under the pattern of the whole production, sugar to continue downward space or relatively limited.

Rapeseed meal after the first or last week, following the soybean meal rebound. Continued yuan depreciation, pushing up oil import costs, market rumors that China is going to stop the import DDGS, some feed mills in the low post purchase rapeseed meal in one thousand. In addition, 1 - march soybeans to port volume is low, and the enterprise have stock before demand brings to the oil price quite confidence, make strong soybean meal spot performance, good wheat market. Vegetable oil last week oscillation adjustment, packaging oil stock before the Spring Festival, the improvements in demand, oil is generally interested in a price, to a certain extent offset the effects of the surrounding markets fall, is expected to vegetable oil price is difficult to have a big back.

Cotton recovered slightly last week. Market supply and demand fundamentals and no change: the market supply is abundant, and the domestic textile market weakness, textile enterprises the difficulties, poor efficiency, weak demand for, and near the end of the year, FangQi shortage of funds, some enterprises have the holiday plan in advance, enthusiasm to reduce inventory. In addition, a new annual national cotton reserves on the rumor, a huge amount of cotton reserves destocking on prices for the long term.

To sum up, affected by systemic risk, weaker Yi Cheng farming period index oscillation, but sugar weight varieties are expected to stop falling when the market mentality better stabilization, after ShiYi ChengNong period index losses were limited.