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In 2016, grain price formation mechanism and current collection and storage system of agricultural products


Reporter has learned, for grain and other major agricultural products price formation mechanism and the current collection and storage system, in 2016 China will take points species ShiCe way to improve the system of agricultural product market regulation.

Specifically, several experts said that the reform present three direction, one is will continue to implement and improve the floor price policy for rice, wheat,; The second is to further promote the reform of cotton in xinjiang, northeast soybean target price pilot; Three is, according to the principle of market pricing and price separation, actively yet prudently proceed with corn for purchasing system reform, establish producer subsidy system. That is to say, in 2016 China's grain circulation market regulation and control direction and released at the end of the central committee of the CCP about several opinions to push forward the reform of the price mechanism of the state council put forward the direction of the basic consistent.

Central rural work conference held at the end of 2015 clear structural reforms to boost agricultural supply side, in terms of food supply system, the central rural work leading group deputy team leader Chen xiwen, counselor of the state council Du Ying and other experts have said in the "tsinghua BBS 2016" agriculture, countryside and peasants, the basic direction of reform is "the market pricing and price separation", must want to protect the enthusiasm of farmers, to ensure that food production is not a big slump. In the corn in the store policy, need to break out in the store the psychological expectations of price only grow, return to close to the market price, activate the downstream industry.

, said Chen xiwen, prices are determined by the market, the price no longer bear the function of the subsidies to farmers, so the price and subsidy. Overall, this round of reform must be at least four important goals: one is to "import", this is not to say that refused to import, but to return to the market demand of the market price of the domestic level; Second, don't add new inventory; Three is to enliven the market, diversify the main body, multi-channel distribution; Fourth, in the reform process of maintenance farmers reasonable profits.

It is understood that in addition to the above regulation, food supply side reform this year will also be optimized structure and regional layout of agricultural production at the same time, and as a whole the two markets at home and abroad. First, will start the planning implementation of planting industry structure adjustment, stable rice and wheat production, appropriate scale down the edge area of corn. Secondly, according to the need of a modest import feed and industrial USES, scientific grasp the soybean, cotton and other agricultural commodities are relationship with import, use of international resources and optimize the structure of domestic agricultural market.

According to the 2013-2017 China's food processing industry competition analysis and development trend of the research report pointed out that since 2004, when the full liberalisation of grain market in China at the same time, the central puts forward the main approaches of price controls, the beginning is the system of minimum prices for the purchase of two varieties of rice and wheat. Relevant government departments according to farmers' production costs and necessary profits as the foundation, rigorous calculation, determine the minimum purchase price next year. When the market price is less than the purchase price, accord with certain qualifications entrusted by the state food enterprises, determine the minimum purchase price of the acquisition of farmers by the state of food. After the government expanded the types of agricultural products price controls, corn was also included in the box, reserve acquisition policy should be formed.

Experts said in an interview with reporters, the minimum purchase price and reserve policy at the time of the environment of agricultural production has played a positive role, ensure the domestic prices basically stable. But, the two has been running for more than a decade of support policies also gradually accumulated a lot of internal contradictions and problems. For example, over the years the minimum purchase price of rice and wheat and corn reserve price rise not only fall, become the important support of rising food prices, food "policy market" is more and more big, and the space of market regulation is relative to shrink.

Under the support of the policy of "support", since the second half of 2011, domestic food prices continue to rise, gradually more than import prices, produce more severe upside down trend, greatly stimulated the rapid growth of the grain import quantity. In addition, due to the high cost for the purchase of a business, in the industry chain downstream of the food processing industry as a whole development into trouble.

Under the multiple pressures, in 2014 the central decided to begin to explore to promote agricultural products price formation mechanism and the reform of government subsidies of decoupling, decided to advance to target the northeast soybeans, xinjiang cotton price subsidies pilot. Target price system, refers to the target price set by the government agricultural products, when the market price is higher than the target price subsidies to low-income people; When the market price is lower than the target price, according to the price difference to subsidize producers. The price signal to guide the production through the market, regulate the supply and demand of typical policy will be deepened in 2016.

Be worth what carry is, based on the current inventory of the great amount of surplus of corn, a tour industry in the store policy reforms will be born in 2016. Several people at the grass-roots level in predicting when accepting a reporter to interview, in the reform direction is to store the price in the middle of the protection of farmers' interests, on the basis of financial strength, as far as possible close to the market price. To protect farmers' interests are not damaged, maize producer subsidy system need to clear as soon as possible.

Guo-xiang li, a researcher at the Chinese academy of social sciences institute of rural development, said the world of pricing intervention of agricultural countries less and less, instead of from pricing can be used to evaluate the price of agricultural products, giving play to the role of government public welfare and to help farmers increase income, is a major challenge facing the Chinese government in the future.